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Archaeology Verifies the Bible as God’s Word

(61 pages) Search through fascinating archaeological discoveries in Israel, and discover solid proof that the Bible is truly the Word of God.

After Armageddon...God's Kingdom
(29 pages)
A thorough explanation of the beautiful kingdom
which will follow the final battle between good and evil.

Photo Drama of Creation
(194 pages)

Debuted in 1914, it was one of the first cinematic productions of its kind. This book contains a descriptive narrative of major Bible themes accompanied by many of the original hand-painted slides.


Fascinating Facts for Bible Students
(42 pages)
Provides amazing facts about the Bible's historic journey and how these have affected the true and fase church.

Will Israel Survive the End Times?
(56 pages)
Israel’s rebirth out of the ashes of the past is a miracle that defies history. God’s peace plan for the Middle East will succeed and usher in worldwide peace, prosperity and happiness.

The Biblical Flood (31 pages)
Examines the geological and scientific evidence of the Biblical flood in the book of Genesis and the amazing events surrounding the experiences of Noah and his family.

Can We Identify Antichrist (54 pages)
Fascinating study defining and identifying Antichrist.
Provides Scriptural armor to defend against deceptions.

Church Union and the Antichrist (37 pages)
Explores the ecumenical movement and how it fulfills prophecy. Examines the importance of Christ’s true church remaining separate from the world.

Creation Triumphs Over Evolution (45 pages)
Critical scientific evidence verifies the creation account. Confirms God’s authorship of both the Bible and creation.

The Doctrine of Christ (80 pages)
Clarifies the relationship of the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit. Provides views of the early church Fathers on this subject and its development in church councils.

Do We All Worship the Same God? (39 pages)
Do all religions just call God by different names?
Learn God’s loving plan for all the families of the earth.

Great Pyramid: Ancient Wonder • Modern Mystery
(37 pages) Explore the history and significance of this fascinating structure with its corroboration of the plan of God. Includes photos and detailed diagrams of passageways.

How to Study the Bible & Have it Make Sense

(37 pages) Explains the five most effective study techniques: context, topic, symbol, type/antitype, and time frame.

Israel: A Nation of Miracles (31 pages)
Proves Israel’s existence and prosperity is due to God’s returned favor. Learn of the inspirational events happening in this tiny country surrounded by modern giants.

Israeli-Arab Peace Process & Prophecy (56 pages)
A thoroughly documented report to Christians citing Biblical authority supporting the Jewish right to disputed land.
Delineates Israel’s hope that promises life to all nations.

Israel’s Tabernacle: The Meeting Place Between
God & Man
(24 pages) A colorful guide to understanding the literal and symbolic lessons of Israel’s Tabernacle intended for both Jews and Christians.

I Will Come Again
(79 pages)
“What shall be the sign of thy presence and of the end
of the age.” (Matt. 24) Lists current signs of Christ’s return.

Joy Cometh in the Morning (95 pages)
Reviews the beautiful plan of God and the joy that will
follow mankind’s long night of weeping.

Speaking in Tongues (39 pgs)
Examines the speaking-in-tongues phenomenon.
Are the gifts of the spirit still Scripturally valid today?
Does this honor God?

Israel's Landrights: Biblical, Historical, Legal

(44 pages) Israel is the land given by promise to father Abraham. Israel has a God-given right to their land and is there to stay. See how Israel will bless all nations.

This Land is Mine! (32 pages)
Explores in detail the time features of prophecy which point to the return of God’s chosen people to their homeland, Israel.

Revelation: How to Study & Have it Make Sense

(80 pages) Gives an overview of the entire book of Revelation and shows how it illustrates, in symbolic language, the progressive plan of God.

The Time to Favor Zion is Come (31 pages)
Inspiring proofs from the Old Testament that modern-day Israel’s existence and prosperity are the fulfillment of
prophecies written thousands of years ago.

What Say the Scriptures about Spiritism? (39 pages) Reveals the true nature of spiritism and the growth of the occult to be of Satanic origin.

What is this World Coming To?
(39 pages)
Examines current events in light of prophecy and the
outcome of troubles facing this present world.

Where are the Dead? (105 pages)
Examines every Scripture that contains the word “hell.” The original Greek and Hebrew are examined to reveal the true definition of hell, death, the soul and the resurrection.

Why Are You a Christian (28 pages)
A Christian should never stop growing in knowledge and grace. This encouraging resource will help in that noble quest.

And God Cried (54 pages)
Vividly portrays the compassions of God for this poor groaning creation, and how he has permitted evil to work together for the ultimate good of mankind.

Comfort for Those Who Mourn (12 pages)
Provides comfort for those who have lost loved ones. Relates the Scriptural hope of a resurrection from the dead provided by Jesus' "ransom for all to be testified in due time." 1 Timothy 2:3-6

Comfort and Consolation (28 pages)
Provides comfort for those who have lost loved ones, relating the Scriptural hope of a resurrection from the dead.

Ray of Hope on a Troubled Sea (23 pages)
Hearts cry out for a safe harbor from storms on the troubled seas of life. Discover the beautiful day which will follow this night time of sin, sickness and sorrow.

Daily Heavenly Manna & Songs in the Night

(400 pages) Thoughtful Scripture passages with inspiring commentary for morning and evening devotions.

God’s Plan for Everybody (175 pages)
Written for children 13 years of age and younger, this colorful, illustrated story book simplifies Bible lessons so that children can better understand them.

The Tabernacle in the Wilderness Workbook
(45 pgs) Written for children 9 and older, this workbook helps to familiarize children with the Tabernacle of Israel and shows how this pictures Christ’s work of redemption.

Ten Commandments: Workbook for Children

(245 pages) For ages 5-12, each Commandment is explained in activities that teach character lessons and basic doctrines.

The Twelve Apostles of the Lamb ( 83 pages)
For ages 8 and older, this book will familiarize children with the Apostles. It teaches character lessons throughout the many experiences of their lives.